Tips for learning a language : Part 1

Hi, my fellow language learners!

I am going to talk about learning a language using only books and free online resources. The best way to learn a foreign language will be to go to that country and immerse yourself in the language, but not many of us have financial means or time to do so. There are amazingly large number of YouTube videos and blog articles you can utilize in order to learn a language. So I’ll talk about language learning using those online resources and books.

A little background about myself. I’m a native Korean speaker who speaks fluent English and I recently started learning my 3rd language, Japanese. I enjoy language study and love to share tips with people who embarked on a language learning journey like me. I’m no expert at teaching a language, and these are the tips that I’ve figured out from my personal learning experience. Hopefully some of you will find them useful.

These are the key points of what I’ll talk about.

1. Have a clear goal
2. Start your own language study notebook
3. Study in a small fraction, with frequency
4. Learn to speak correct prounciations
5. Grammar is important
6. Study vocabulary & phrases by spaced repetition
7. Pick a book and FINISH IT!
8. (Optional) Keep a diary in the language

Read Part 2.

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