Personal Pronouns Review

Learn Korean Personal Pronouns

1. First Person

나                          I
내                          I / My       ex) 내가 할께 = I will do (it) / 내 책 = My book
저                          I : humble word for ‘나’
우리  or  우리들      We
저희  or  저희들      We : humble word for ‘우리’

2. Second Person

너                        You
네                        You / Your       ex) 네가 해 = You do (it) / 네 책 = Your book
너희 or 너희들       Plural, You or Your

3. Third Person

그                        He
그들                     They : Plural pronoun of ‘그’
‘그들’ can be also used as a non gender specific pronoun meaning ‘They’
그녀                     She
그녀들                  They : Plural pronoun of ‘그녀’


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