Korean Basic Verbs Review 1A

Learn Korean Basic Verbs

To Be Verbs

~이다      to be          ex) 나는 학생이다 = I am a student

~아니다   not to be   ex) 나는 학생이 아니다 = I am not a student

~있다      to exist    ex) 여기에 개가 있다 = Here is a dog / A dog is here

~없다      not to exist  ex) 여기에 개가 없다 = Here is not a dog / A dog is not here

To Do Verbs

하다            to do : can be used stand alone or combined with a  noun          ex) 공부하다 = to study, 노래하다 = to sing

~시작하다     to begin      ex) 수업을 시작하다 = (someone) begins a class

~시작되다     to be begun           ex) 수업이 시작되다 = A class is begun

~끝나다        to end, to finish : an intransitive verb meaning that something ends    ex) 수업이 끝나다 = A class ends

~끝내다 / 마치다        to end, to finish  : a transitive verb meaning that someone does the ‘finishing’   ex) 수업을 끝내다 = (someone) finishes a class

Other Basic Verbs

읽다         to read        ex) 책을 읽다 = (I) read a book
쓰다         to write      ex) 일기를 쓰다 = (I) write a diary
보다         to see / look / watch      ex) 티비를 보다 = (I) watch TV
듣다         to listen / hear            ex) 음악을 듣다 = (I) listen to music
말하다       to speak / talk / tell

*In Korean language the subject is commonly omitted especially when the speaker is referring to oneself.

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