Intro to the Korean Language

Hangeul  한글

Korean alphabet is called ‘Hangeul’ (한글). Compared to Japanese and Chinese alphabet, Hangul is much easier to learn as it has far fewer characters to memorize.

Korean alphabet has 24 basic symbols which then expand to 40 alphabet characters. The additional 16 characters are the combinations of existing symbols so they are pretty simple to learn.

14 basic consonants + 5 Double consonants
10 basic vowels + 11 compound vowels

=  40 Hangeul alphabet characters

This is Hangeul alphabet. The below table is the overview of Hangul characters /symbols. You’ll learn the pronunciation and the usage of each character in following articles. So keep reading on.


Hangul: Korean Alphabet - Designed by www.Lingoh.Me

Next, we are going to learn the details of Korean consonants, 자음 (jaeum).


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