Self Introduction: Greetings

How to greet in Korean

인사 (insa) = Greetings


1. 안녕하세요

When you meet someone you start your greeting by saying ‘안녕하세요?’. Its literal meaning is ‘Are you well?’ It is a ‘casual polite’ expression and most commonly used in casual settings. Remember that Koreans don’t use casual expressions to strangers even in casual settings.

‘안녕하십니까’ is another way to say ‘Hello’, however it sounds very formal. You can use this greeting to an elderly or when you want to show your respect to the person you’re talking to.

‘안녕?’ is a casual expression used between friends, and can be used when speaking to a child.

How to greet in Korean


2. (만나서) 반가워요

It’s a casual formal way of saying ‘nice to meet you’ and is most commonly used. 만나서’s meaning can be loosely translated to ‘to have met’ or ‘to meet’, and it can be omitted.

‘(만나서) 반갑습니다’ is a very polite expression and commonly used.

‘(만나서) 반가워’ is a casual expression between people of a similar age. Also used when talking to a child.

How to greet in Korean

* Note that ‘십니까’ (shibnika) is changed to ‘심니까’ (shimnika), and ‘습니다’ (seubnida) is pronounced ‘슴니다’ (seumnida).

When the ‘ㅂ’ 받침 – final consonant- is immediately followed by ‘ㄴ’ , ‘ㅂ’ changes to ‘ㅁ’ sound. If you haven’t yet learned 받침 – final consonant – go to this page. 

CREDIT: Photo by Vladislav Klapin

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