Vocabulary: Feelings

Learn Korean Vocab about Feelings

감정 feelings, emotion

기분 feelings, mood: interchangeable with 감정,
‘기분’ is more commonly used in spoken Korean.

마음 (= 맘) mind
ex) 착한 마음 = good-natured, kind

자신감 self-confidence

자존심 pride, self-esteem
ex) 자존심 상하다 = (one’s) pride is hurt

재미 fun

기쁘다 to be happy, to be joyful

행복하다 to be happy

즐겁다 to be fun, happy

재미있다 (=재밌다) to be fun, to be enjoyable;
Things/activities/people can be 재미있다
ex) 이 영화 재미있어 = This movie is fun.
ex) 그 남자 재미있어 = That guy is fun/funny

우습다 (=웃기다) to be humorous

상쾌하다 to be refreshing
ex) 상쾌한 아침 = refreshing morning

불쾌하다 to be unpleasant
ex) 불쾌한 이야기 = unpleasant story

화나다 to be angry

슬프다 to be sad

지루하다 to be boring/bored
Things/activities can be 지루하다

따분하다 to be boring/bored
Things/activities can be 따분하다
This can be also used to describe people.

ex) 따분한 사람 = a boring person
ex) 따분한 이야기 = a boring story

한가하다 to be not busy, to be free
ex) 나는 오늘 한가하다 = I am not busy today.

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